Hisham Talib


An architect by training, a serial entrepreneur in practice, he has worked as Regional Sales Head of a Singapore-based multinational corporation and Business Development positions in construction, architecture and F&B. Marrying both his architecture background and passion for the F&B industry, Hisham has opened restaurants in Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. As a result, he has seen the how regional market grew and believes that PasarTap has the potential to solve one of the biggest issues that face the ASEAN region. Apart from football and all things F&B, he is passionate about the supply chain and how it needs to be revamped.

Hafiz Hassim


With 15 years’ experience in managing restaurants, Hafiz believes that PasarTap is the natural platform to jolt the life out of the stagnant grocery & F&B industry. He believes that there is so much that the Pasar can offer to the end consumer. By connecting Pasar retailers and farms straight to millions of online consumers, PasarTap is able to cut out the middlemen, ensure maximum freshness and minimise carbon footprint with the click of a button.

Fahmi Amri


Having seen how the Oil & Gas industry collapsed under its own weight, Fahmi believes that innovation should be a permanent feature for modern businesses. Fahmi worked in Halliburton for close to 10 years in real-time operations and understands the importance of automation and systems integration. As PasarTap's CTO, he is responsible in ensuring seamless connection between PasarTap’s ecosystem that include farms, Pasar suppliers, buyers, riders and ultimately the end consumer.