Sell with confidence
Our exclusive, invitation-only marketplace for select sellers promotes a professional community and experience.

Boost your sales
Our tools and resources help you optimize sales while interacting with partners who care about your products.

Partner with #1 Pasar Marketplace
Leverage the power of the online marketplace while keeping your unique identity.

Why should my business partner with PasarTap?
PasarTap is an invitation-only, professional seller community that fosters success. By partnering with Malaysia’s first online pasar, you have the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands unique visitors a month (and growing). You have control over your business, including inventory, retail pricing and fulfillment.

Where will my items appear?
Your items will appear on, alongside all items being sold by PasarTap and other Marketplace Sellers.

What seller qualities does PasarTap look for?
We are looking for relationships with reputable local retailers and brands that provide first-class customer service, a compelling product assortment, competitive pricing and fast, reliable fulfillment.

How can my business be considered for PasarTap Marketplace?
Email us at and a dedicated Business Development Manager will help you through the verification process. If approved, you'll acknowledge our Retailer Agreement and then start the onboarding process to get your products on