Sourcing & inventory management  


As a food supply chain specialist focusing on local products & producers, PasarTap offers a full suite of supply & inventory management services ranging from developing inventory strategy for restaurants to managing sourcing of products & services. 


Why PTWholeSale? 


Trusted Network 

Our trained buyers will work with suitable suppliers and products in developing a sustainable inventory and sourcing strategy for your business. We will make sure it works for you. 


Standard rate

Our delivery rate is standard throughout the Klang Valley at RM10 for a 12-24 hour turnaround time after an order is placed. We save you the hassle, time and ultimately help you with your bottom line. 



Credit facility is available to our business clients through our flexi-payment program. This is to ensure greater operational flexibility for our clients. A fully integrated cashless solution for restaurants and cafés will be rolled out in June 2018. 


Kindly call us at +603 4266 6640 or email to to enquire further.