Mixed Rendang a la Negeri Sembilan



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5 star anise 
2 cinammon sticks 
5 cloves 
2 tbsp rendang spices 
1 tbsp turmeric 
4 cm galangal 
5 stalks lemongrass 
250g beef liver 
250g spleen 
250g beef 
250g red onions (divided into 2 parts) 
7 cloves garlic 
2.5kg coconut milk 
1⁄2 cup ground chilli 
20 bird’s-eye chillies 
2 tbsp tamarind flesh, 
mixed with 1⁄2 cup water 
1 cup grated, toasted and 
ground coconut (kerisik) 
Salt to taste 





  1. Blend half of the red onions, garlic, bird’s-eye chillies, 3 stalks of lemongrass (sliced) and galangal.
  2. Add the rending spices and ground chili to the blended ingredients. Slice the remaining red onions.
  3. Heat the oil, then fry the cinnamon, star anise and cloves until fragrant. Then, add the sliced onions and blended ingredients.
  4. Put the beef in first and cook until tender. Then, add the liver and spleen. Add the tamarind.
  5. Bring to a boil, then add the coconut milk little by little. Add the remaining 2 stalks of lemongrass, kerisik, salt and sugar.
  6. Stir ingredients until the oil separates and gravy dries.
  7. Serve with lemang, ketupat or hot rice.



Bunga Lawang, Kayu Manis, Bunga Cengkih 100g, Mak Siti Rendang Spices Powder 40g, Adabi Serbuk Kunyit / Adabi Turmeric Powder 250g, Lengkuas 100g, Lemongrass / Serai Wangi - 1 Ikat, Hati Lembu Segar / Fresh Beef Liver 500g, Limpa Lembu Segar 500g, Daging Tempatan Segar Pejal / Fresh Local Beef 500g, Indian Red Rose Onions / Bawang Merah Kecil India - 500g, Garlic / Bawang Putih 100g, Santan Segar 1kg, Cili Boh 1kg, Cili Hijau 200g, Adabi Seedless Tamarind / Asam Jawa Xtra 200g, erisik Paket (kecil) 50 g, Fine Salt / Garam Halus - 450g, Gula Halus 1kg


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